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Join our community of animal lovers and rescuers.  We have animal rescue music videos and more.  We also keep you posted on upcoming events and animal updates.  Check out the dancing dog video we just posted by the National Humane Society.  Our goal is to make all the animals in our care this happy. It doesn’t always happen, but we do our best. If you want to help, please support your local shelter. We receive no funding from the NHS, nor from local government agencies; we rely on your donations to share the love!

Area Pet Rescue

The Southeast Kansas Humane Society rescues homeless and endangered pets in our area. We need your help. Please provide a safe home or donate your time or money to help us care for these animals.

Wanna Be a Shelter Volunteer?

What kind of training do I need to volunteer at a shelter?
My teenager wants to volunteer? What does she need to know?
I run an animal shelter in my small town. How can I find qualified volunteers?

Donating your time to animals in need is one of the most rewarding commitments you can make. Volunteering at a shelter provides mutual fulfillment for both human and animals and it’s a great way to satisfy your desire for animal companionship if you can’t have a pet right now or your landlord doesn’t allow animals. Volunteering is also a fun option for older students who want school community service experience.

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